Things I do


Welcome on my personal website. Here’s my story. Mathias Vanluchene

To market my big million-dollar idea, I spent many days studying all kinds of digital marketing techniques, only to discover it wasn’t something people were waiting for (I was quite far away from that million, to be honest). So it is no surprise that I now work on projects which reward me for helping small to medium sized businesses reach new clients and setting them on their way to reaching new heights.

How do I do this? I dig into Google Analytics. I don’t just check it. I set up relevant conversion goals, create fascinating dashboards, and investigate report after report. With this information I set up excellent AdWords and Facebook campaigns. And finally comes the most fun part. I dig into the analytics again to optimise the campaigns. It’s incredible how much impressive information there is, just for grabs. You just have to know how to use it.

When the campaigns are running smoothly, I take it a step further. With experiments I try out which versions of pages are working best. This way, it’s possible to increase conversions without increasing the ad budgets. The things that work well are getting documented into a “WIN database” and are then getting deployed on other parts of the website. In the end, what you get is a completely redesigned website, based on what works best.

Yes, I do have the proper university degrees, but how relevant is that in today’s world? The best part about my student years is the way it showed me the world and its endless possibilities, while giving me a critical mind. I learned my skills from relevant trainings, and by doing stuff. Creating. Testing. Analysing. Optimising. Doing.

If you think your campaigns, landing pages or websites need optimising, or you want to start from scratch, then let’s have a talk to see if I can help you.


Digital Marketing Inbound Expert