Things I do


Welcome on my personal website.

After living one year in the dynamic city of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, I embarked on my own entrepreneurial journey. Back in Europe, I spend 40% of my time in Paris, 40% in Prague, and the remaining 20% in Belgium. I just love the discovering of new places, food and technologies.

As a digital marketing consultant, I help companies with their on-line presence, social media and digital strategy. I’m good at setting up a complete inbound marketing strategy. This includes optimizing websites for search engines, creating content based on keyword research, social media strategies, creating effective Call To Actions, designing landing pages that work to convert visitors to leads, and setting up an automated email campaign to nurture the acquired leads.

Digital Marketing Inbound Expert

I’m happy to say I’m certified by HubSpot in Inbound Marketing.

Next to that, I am the founder of ScatterPlan, a web application that helps restaurants distribute their menu and general info to several platforms online.

If you think I can help, go to my contact page here and tell me about your business or project.  I’m happy to help!

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